Video Creations


Getting Started

Helpful tips on beginning your PhotoPlay journey


For Business Videos

PhotoPlay creates captivating marketing and promotional videos from the media you already have.  Submit those candid store shots, video testimonials, product photos or other footage you have and I will turn them into videos that will capture your audience on social media and your website.  How about getting your customers involved?! Have them submit their favorite photos or videos that include your business and let's make a highlight reel! I will work with you to create videos you will be proud of and your customers will enjoy watching! Let's get started today.

For Personal Videos

PhotoPlay’s mission is to tell YOUR story.  Is it the story of an incredible trip, your child’s first year, Grandpa’s legacy, or is it simply life’s moments in April?  Whatever your story, I want to tell it.  What is the main reason you want to have this PhotoPlay Creation made?  Tell me what these pictures and videos mean to you so that I can make that story come to life in your PhotoPlay Creation. .


You will be provided a unique, private link to your PhotoPlay folder where you will upload your photos and videos.  You do not need to have an existing Dropbox account to upload your files.  If you are not familiar with Dropbox, I am happy to answer any questions.


Already have your files in a Dropbox account? Instructions will be provided to easily upload from your existing files.



Unless you provide specific royalty-free music/audio, I will work with you to determine the style of music you would prefer and will include the music track for your video as part of your package. Music used by PhotoPlay in your final video is properly licensed and royalty free. You are free to share your video though social media or any other platform you choose - that’s the point, share your story!!


BE ORIGINAL - Or at least legal!

Files submitted to PhotoPlay must be your original media.  If you did not take the photos or videos yourself, you must provide a copyright release.  For example - if you had professional photos taken and your photographer gave you digital copies, request a copyright release from them.  Releases can be faxed to 866-829-6208 or emailed to  Also note, any media containing or promoting illegal or dangerous activity is prohibited and will be rejected.



Currently, all files submitted for your PhotoPlay Creation must be in digital format, meaning you already have them on your computer, hard-drive, disk, etc. PhotoPlay is not able to convert analog film or prints at this time.  NOTE: Conversion service may be available soon, please contact me if you would like to be updated when this additional service is available.



If you have any questions, please email them to